How to organise your skincare and makeup and transform your mornings

Dressing table rules that will transform your mornings

How much time do you waste in the morning looking for stuff?

Stuff like makeup, jewellery, hair products, moisturisers? It’s the stuff that you use every single day, but somehow they manage to relocate themselves and end up in places that make no sense.

I had one of those mornings yesterday. I ran up and down the house like a headless chicken and making it out the door 20 minutes late. Ended up missing my train, and had to wait 15 minutes for the next one. I felt and looked frazzled. Not a great start to the day.

So I decided I needed to put an end to this morning madness. Time to get organised. But first 2 dressing-table rules to keep in mind, otherwise even being organised won’t work.


I know it sounds basic. But trust me when I say this. Put them ON the dressing-table and not in the drawers or vanity cupboard. They should be right in front of your eyes.


There’s no point in going through the effort of organising everything if you can’t find the stuff later on.

The point is that even if you’re only half awake, you should still know where everything is. And if you’re running late, you shouldn’t have to waste time trying to remember where your stuff can be.


Ok, so these were the fundamentals. Now, on to the stuff that will help you organise your stuff and a few quick ideas on how to go about it.

Before I start, let me say that although these are “dressing-table” solutions, they apply to wherever you keep your makeup and skincare.

You also don’t need to spend a lot of $$ on organisers. Brands like Muji and IKEA offer great price-points. Their organisers are mostly transparent, so it’s easy to see what is in each of them. The downside is that they don’t do much regarding making your room look pretty. Their designs can be quite bland.

For more aesthetically pleasing designs, there are a lot of other options available in the market too. So, I’ve included a mix of simple and stylish items. Let’s have a look!




Before you even start to organise your stuff, take a long, hard look at all the stuff you have.

Way too much than what you need?

It’s ok. We’ve all been there! Here’s how you can tackle this challenge:


Yes, all makeup and skincare have an expiry date! There’s a small jar-like symbol with a number in it on the bottle of tube of your product. This number is how many months you should use a product after it has been opened. Anything that has been open for more than this number of months, toss it. So, the lesson here is if you don’t use it, you lose it.


Sounds very obvious, right? But when you go through this step, I guarantee you’ll be left with only 3 quarters of what you were left with after step 1, if not half. Anything that you haven’t used in last 3 months needs to go to the bin. Do not skip this step. Trust me, you’ll feel a lot lighter after it.


Now that you have purged your beauty products, you will also want to maintain it so you don’t end up in the same spot again.

And for that, my number one advice is: Don’t just take things because they’re free!

Endless free samples are the number one reason that you end up with way too many things in the first place. So, say no to freebies.


Next, let’s move on to how to effectively organise your newly purged beauty collection.

Firstly, organise your skincare and makeup by type.

Separate your everyday makeup by face, eyes, cheeks, and lips. Do the same for your skin care. Label them if you need to. It’s also easier if you keep your day and night skincare in separate places. Only the stuff you need every morning should be out. Rest can be in the drawers and cupboards.

Get organised to transform your mornings
Vanity Cases: MUJI from £1.50

It is also handy to have makeup cotton pads and buds next to where you keep your makeup. You want them within reach for those eyeliner mishaps. This pink glass jar adds a bit of colour and pattern amongst all the white transparent cases.

Get organised quickly
Ear Buds Glass Jar: HURN & HURN £17

And here’s a simple, transparent 3 canister holder if you are after something more basic.

Organisers like the one below are ideal when you have a few more than a couple of lipsticks. They can usually fit inside a drawer so you can avoid rummaging through a thousand things in the morning to find your colour.

Get organised to transform your mornings
Organiser With Compartments: IKEA £9

If surface space is an issue, consider vertical space.

You can always stack drawers and place other things like perfumes on top (in an organised fashion). Again, Muji does a great job with functional pieces at great prices.

Even with drawers, remember to keep your makeup and skincare categorised by type.

Get organised quickly
Acrylic Box 3 Drawers: MUJI £24.95

Organisers don’t have to be boring. In fact, it’s a great way to add a pop of colour to your room or bathroom by opting for colourful organisers.

For your makeup brushes, decent-sized mugs are a great option. Anthropologie has pretty, bright, floral designs if that’s your thing.

Get organised quickly
Mugs: ANTHROPOLOGIE £14 each

For a sleek and minimal vibe, Oliver Bonas is my go-to brand. Their sophisticated gold and marble versions of their brush holders are especially suitable for taller brushes.

Get organised for a smoother morning
Round Marble Brush Holder: OLIVER BONAS £24

When it comes to slightly bigger tools like hair straighteners, curlers or dryers, you have a couple of options. You can go for a bathroom tray if you don’t have multiple hair tools and place a few of your everyday perfumes on it too.

Get organised quickly
Similar Marble Tray: WEST ELM £39

If you’re after a simple rattan tray instead of a heavy marble one, this one is perfect.

If you have more than one hair tool, consider a basket that you can keep under the dressing-table. Keep it within easy reach of both a mirror and a power socket. For storage baskets, these are a great option.

And lastly, Jewellery organisation.

Not being able to find that pair of gold studs was often one of the reasons I ran up and down the house. The easiest way to deal with this was to get a clear jewellery box.

The same rules as makeup apply to jewellery too. Keep your everyday pieces where you can see them. And keep them organised inside the jewellery box.

Organise makeup and skincare
Gold and Glass Velvet Jewellery Box: OLIVER BONAS £39.50

This clear glass and gold jewellery box from H&M is a great value and will look equally pretty on your dressing-table.

For necklaces, you can buy a stand like this sleek one from Oliver Bonas or simply use a tray to lay them out.

Organise makeup and skincare
Three Arm Gold and Marble Jewellery Stand: OLIVER BONAS £29

I also like to have a trinkets tray on my dressing-table. Sometimes, you just need a place to keep your earrings while you take a shower. Or take off the rings for the night. I’d rather have them on my dressing-table where I can see them the next morning than keep them on my bedside, put my iPad on top of them and panic in the morning.

Get organised to transform your mornings
Splatter Trinket Dish: NOT ON THE HIGH STREET £10

So, here’s a quick recap on how you can transform your mornings:

Rule # 1: Keep all the things you use every morning in their place, grabbing distance away.
Rule # 2: Make sure you put it all back in its spot.
And, say no to freebies!

If you follow these and organise your stuff, next time the alarm goes off half an hour late, you will still breeze through your morning routine. And not only that, you will arrive at work (or wherever you are going), at the very least, better groomed than you did before, a lot less frumpy and a lot more put-together.


How have you organised your stuff lately? Share in the comments below.


PS: None of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, I will earn no commission if you click through and make a purchase. These are my personal recommendations.

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