Clothes aren’t going to change the world, the women who wear them will. – Anne Klein.

A buyer turned stylist with an entrepreneurial spirit, Shubhangi Chandra (Shubi), founder of Effortless Allure, is passionate about helping ambitious women become more confident and achieve their goals while looking and feeling incredibly good.

Instead of trying to emulate someone else’s style, Shubi teaches her clients the core concepts of style which then better equips them to look and feel great every day without spending hours in front of their wardrobe. With her practical approach to personal style, she helps women build a wardrobe that reflects their personality, makes them feel comfortable and confident so they can focus on the important things rather than worrying about how they look.

Most women lack time, confidence or the know-how as they have so many balls to juggle and it can get overwhelming. I equip my women with the core style concepts, help define their style and provide practical style advice that they can apply to help them look and feel amazing. The confidence that comes from wearing clothes you love and that show you at your best can be life-changing.

As someone who has 12+ years of experience and extensive knowledge about the apparel and fashion industry, a bachelors and a masters degree in Fashion Business and Textiles, is a Business Management graduate and a certified Personal Stylist, Shubi is the go-to person for career women when it comes to looking and feeling good day after day- and do so effortlessly.

As a strong advocate of empowering women so they can perform at their best and be the best version of themselves, Shubi firmly believes that women should be able to focus on their growth and performance in their career or business and family instead of worrying about their clothes. With more and more women now in leadership positions, technology, politics and starting their own companies, she emphasises that it is important that women feel connected to their inner self as it’s a big driver for confidence, which in turn is reflected in your image, whether that’s professional or around your friends and family.

Shubi began her career in design and manufacturing houses that produced for GAP, Ben Sherman, Calvin Klein and M&S and then moving into buyer positions in retail and e-commerce. During her career as a buyer in Sydney, Australia, she has worked with iconic Australian labels like Sass and Bide, Josh Goot, Nicola Finetti, Aje, Romance was Born and the likes. With her attention to detail and an eye for fashion, Shubi knew she wanted to do more than just help women buy nice clothes.

She recognises that a woman’s appearance is judged more harshly than a man’s.

This may sound shallow but the uncomfortable truth is that we are judged by our appearance. It will be naive to think that intelligence, skill and hard work are all that matter. You may be brilliant at your work, possess excellent leadership skills but if your appearance fails to show that and instead shows low confidence, people will doubt your capabilities and you will risk your career progression.

Shubi founded Effortless Allure in 2017 in London, with the goal to encourage all women to learn how to dress well, whether it is for their job or for their business or on their days off doing a school run, because you never know where you’ll meet your next opportunity.”

It is not as time intensive as people make it out to be.

This should be fun and a self-loving activity, not a chore. For those who are ready for the transformation, I’m just an email away.