Most style advice — the kind you find in fashion magazines, and from generalised style guides — is a complete waste of time.

Why? Because while learning how to “wear your colours” can be fun, it only treats the symptom, not the cause. These generic quick fixes don’t take your unique situation or aspirations into account.

The reason you’re not dressing the part of the woman you feel driven to become has little to do with what’s in fashion at the moment. Not for real, ambitious working women like you and me.

The truth is, it has much more to do with your approach

What you need is more than just quick tips and tricks— it’s the strategy to align your appearance with your brilliance and aspirations, unleash your inner confidence, cultivate a commanding outward presence, and transform perceptions.

Let me set you up with the only step-by-step process you need to reclaim your confidence,
move towards your goals and unlock new levels of success — so you never have to hold
yourself back ever again.


I believe in empowering women so they can bring about true change in their lives. Change that allows them to let their brilliance shine from the inside out, step up with towering self-confidence, be recognised for their hard-work and finally command their worth.

I’m tired of seeing brilliant women get overlooked. It’s upsetting to see them hold themselves back due to low confidence and continue feeling undervalued and ignored. I want them to feel empowered so they can get unstuck, and move forward in their career and life.

I deal with something deeper than personal style and fashion. I deal with confidence and true transformation. With your perception of yourself and with others’ perception of you.


My ability to refine not just my exterior appearance but also my inner confidence has opened countless doors for me and my career: from being the youngest category buyer to growing and selling multiple businesses.

After more than a decade in the fashion industry and several years spent as a personal stylist, it is more clear to me than ever that ambitious, capable, and driven women need more than just conventional style advice. What they need isn’t more information — it’s a complete and personal transformation.

A strong sense of confidence and a commanding appearance that matches your inner brilliance can change your career, your income, and your life. I’ve seen it first-hand. 

Just because it doesn’t feel easy for you doesn’t mean it’s impossible. I can show you how.



Here are a few reasons not to work with me:

  • You’re looking for quick tips and tricks, and outfit ideas.  Style and fashion are an afterthought, not the foundation. Outfit ideas and style tips are great, but do they really work when your presence and authority are crucial? I work with aspirations and perceptions, not quick fixes.
  • You’re not ready to take responsibility for your career, success, and life. Those with a negative attitude need not apply. I work with women who practice a growth mindset.
  • You’re not committed to your own success. This only works if you’re willing to put in the effort and take dedicated action. Investing in yourself needs to be a priority.


You’re a women who knows that her confidence and appearance are holding her back, and you understand the link between the two.

A woman who is ready to take the action needed to make a real change.

If you’re truly ready for this transformation, you must be:

  • Coachable and receptive to a new way of thinking
  • Proactive and ready to take action to get the results you deserve
  • Committed to your own success, and understanding of the role your appearance plays in your career progression
  • Ambitious in all aspects of your life: once you start something, you’re determined to finish it
  • Cool and fun (dog lovers get bonus points) and ready to thoroughly enjoy this transformational process