“How do I wear colours and still look put-together and professional.”

This is one of the most frequent questions I get from my clients. There are a few ways to do this but here is one of the easiest and quickest ways.

Style Inspiration: Caroline Issa, always dressed to perfection.

Wear colour & look put-togther
Source: Pinterest

Her real girl style is do doable! She is daring with her colours, volumes and prints while still looking polished and professional.

Here’s the thing. You don’t have to give up wearing colours to look refined. All you need is a tailored blazer in a neutral shade to balance out the exuberance of colours.

A tailored blazer adds structure to your silhouette. It’s a timeless and versatile piece and a good quality one will see you through the years. It’s the one piece that will never be outdated. In fact, it’s one of the classic pieces that can be worn with pretty much anything in your wardrobe.

A tailored blazer over a sheath dress can practically be your office staple. And you can wear the same blazer over jeans and loafers and you are ready for a weekend brunch.

Whether midi dresses or skirts are your thing or you’re more of a trousers girl, a tailored blazer can make your outfit complete and make you look put-together even if you’ve had less than 5 minutes to get dressed.

And that’s why a tailored blazer is a wardrobe staple for all my clients!

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