How To Dress To Impress At A Job Interview

how to dress for a job interview

Recently, I was interviewed by Tara Michelle West, Career Transformation Coach for Leaders and Professionals where we talked about How To Dress To Impress At A Job Interview.

We talked about how men and women can use their image to gain an advantage and stand out from the crowd when it comes to job interviews. We also talked about creating the right first impression and preventing the interviewer from forming unfavourable judgements about you from your visual appearance.

Don’t let the hard work that you put in in securing an interview be undermined by your image. Look as brilliant in person as you do on paper!

Her’s what you’ll want to know to make sure you’re remembered for your skills and how to dress for a job interview so you have an appearance that rightly represents your brilliance and aspirations plus what NOT to wear:

  • How to overcome “Confirmation Bias”
  • What to do to boost your confidence before you have the job interview
  • Why it’s critical to know the culture before you don your outfit
  • How to dress within the company’s “rules”
  • Ways to express your unique style without giving up your personality
  • How to reduce a disconnect between what you wear and who you are
  • The +1 / -1 rule of dressing for success
  • Does what you wear reflect the position you’re being interviewed for?
  • Why you need to reconsider wearing bright red or other bright colours
  • Ways to define a “baseline dress code”
  • The one thing you should have in your wardrobe

“In fact, Shubhangi’s advice doesn’t stop at job interviews. These are solid tips for your entire career, including professional business meetings,” Tara added.


If you’re ready to step up in your career and feel now is the time to work on your image so you can elevate your presence and feel confident in going after what you want, then book your complimentary call with me today to discuss how I can help you.

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